Today I have prepared for you a list of Monuments in Poznań that I think are worth seeing. It will be a subjective list and it will definitely be updated over time.

For I have failed to take pictures (or cannot find them) of many interesting monuments – and I think they deserve to be on this list. In addition, with time, a lot can change because, for example, a given monument will be moved or replaced by another – the city is a living creation. So I invite you to my list.

Bamberka Monument in Poznań

It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Town Hall, specifically at its back, therefore it may not be visible at first. The monument depicts a woman dressed in a Bamberg costume with jugs of water. Contrary to what is said in part of Poland, the Bambers are not always peasants. And German settlers from the vicinity of Bamberg.

The Bamberka Monument has changed its location many times, so it is not known if it stayed in this place for a long time (I hope so). I have already described his story on the blog, so I invite you to read this post.

Bamberka Monument in Poznań
Bamberka Monument in Poznań

Enigma Monument

The Enigma Monument is not very old or even not very pretty. It commemorates Polish cryptologists who managed to crack the code of the German encryption machine Enigma. It has been in the public space (on St. Martin next to the Imperial Castle) since 2007. However, it plays a very important role – it reminds us of our own history. The story that has been hidden from us and sometimes even denied would be true.

Enigma Monument in Poznań
Pomnik Polskich Matematyków

Monument to the Underground State

Although this monument is located practically in the center of the city, for some reason many people do not even know that it is there. Perhaps the reason for this is its subject matter – it has negative associations with many people. Or maybe it’s about its shape resembling a tomb.

In my opinion, the monument to the Underground State is a thought-provoking example that even a symbolic grave can be beautiful. The Monument to the Polish Underground State is located in the square at the intersection of Aleja Niepodległości and Wieniawskiego Street (the square behind the Opera House).

Monument to the Underground State - fragment
Monument to the Underground State – fragment

Perseus releases Andromeda

This monument, straight from Greek mythology, located in the Wilson Park in Poznań Lazarus, is in fact a remnant of a beautiful fountain destroyed during World War II. This sculpture fits very well into the landscape of the park. Being an interesting distinguishing feature from the Palm House.

The scene depicted on the monument depicts Perseus fighting with the sea monster to whom Andromeda was to be given as a victim. Perseus is holding the head of Medusa in his hand, one of the mythical gorgons. This figure had snakes instead of hair, and with his eyesight he turned to stone.

Perseus releases Andromeda

Monument to the Poznań Army (Pomnik Armii Poznań)

As the name suggests, this monument commemorates the Poznań Army (the military unit defending Poznań at the beginning of World War II). It is located near the St. Wojciech. The monument fits into the structure of the square on which it is located. So in practice, you can go through it.

Monument, Higieji Well at Plac Wolności (Freedom Square)

There is also an interesting monument at Wolności Square in Poznań, which is also a city well. At the top, Higieja is sitting in a beautiful dress. It is the Greek goddess of health, whose face was modeled on Konstancja Raczyńska – the wife of the founder of the monument.

Right next to the well, there is also a quite original Fountain of Freedom.

Dog Monument (Pomnik Psa)

In one of the courtyards of Jeżyce there is a statue of a dog. However, it does not commemorate a specific dog, but all the kejtry (dogs) in the area. For some people, reaching this monument may turn out to be a real art, because you cannot see it from the street level. The figure was created in 2001 at ul. Dąbrowskiego 25.

Pomnik Psa na Jeżycach

Stary Marych (Old Marych)

This monument shows a fictional character created by Juliusz Kubl, who is a symbol of the Poznań dialect. The monument is located at ul. Półwiejska near the Poznan Merchant. The sculpture was cast in bronze and was unveiled on March 20, 2001. Its author is Robert Sobociński, who also frightened sculptures such as the Monument to the Victims of Katyn (in the castle garden in Poznań) or the goats at Kolegiacki Square.

Poznań billy goats (Koziołki Poznańskie)

Billy goats are one of the symbols of Poznań. They can be found here in many different forms. One of them is a statue placed near Kolegiacki Square. In recent years, these billy goats have changed their position several times due to the renovation on the Square. They were for a while, for example, in Chopin Park, at the back of the City Hall and the Fara Church.

Golem Monument (Pomnik Golema)

If at the moment you have associations with the Czech Prague, you are on the right track. The Golem Monument represents the Golem from an old legend told in Prague. So if you are wondering why it was decided to erect a monument in Poznań? This answer is simple, the legendary creator of the golem, Rabbi Jehuda Löw ben Becalel (also known as MaHaRaL), was to come from Poznań.

Golem from Prague Legend
Golem from Prague Legend – Aleje Marcinkowskiego

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