My name is Aurelia Sypniewska, I have been an amateur photographer for several years. More specifically, he deals mainly with mobile photography, i.e. photography taken using mobile devices. My interests are architecture (mainly historic or unusual) and nature. Let me warn you right away that I don’t have any great equipment. Currently, I use Xiaomi Redmi Note 10s (previously Samsung Galaxy J7 2017, Samsung Galaxy J5) to take photos. I do have a camera, but a Nikon Coolpix a300, but I don’t always have it with me – besides, it’s probably time to think about something better 🙂 maybe a SLR camera.

My family has been living in Poznań, Poland, for three generations. Poznań is also the place of my current residence. For this reason, you will find many photos from this city and stories related to it on my blog. When it comes to my travels, I finance them myself. So these are not great expeditions, but rather trips easily accessible to most people. Also those who do not own a car.

Below you will find a map of my travels. I will try to prepare an entry for many of these places.

How to contact me?!

contact me: aurainweb@gmail.com

Instagram: @aureliajulianna

I run a blog as a hobby, not as a source of income.