Arkady Fiedler’s Literary Workshop in Puszczykowo (pol. Pracownia Literacka Arkadego Fiedlera) is a small museum devoted to the work and life of Arkady Fiedler.

The facility is located in Puszczykowo at Słowackiego 1. From Poznań (the largest city in the area), unless you have your own car, the easiest way to get there is by train or a suburban bus from Górczyno or Dębiec. Poznań and Puszczykowo are about 15 kilometers apart. Nevertheless, when visiting the museum in Puszczykowo, it is worth seeing the renovated historic railway station (from which the museum is quite close).

Who was Arkady Fiedler

Arkady Fiedler was born in 1894 in Poznań, a traveler and writer. He mainly described his travels, thus bringing his compatriots closer to different parts of the world. According to sources, he made 30 trips, including to Brazil, Peru, Madagascar and Mexico.

Arkady Fiedler also wrote the book Dywizjon 303. In it he presented the activities of airmen stationed in Great Britain during World War II. A film was also made based on the book. In the museum, you can see an exhibition dedicated to her.

About Arkady Fiedler’s literary studio

The studio is not a typical museum, as it is located on a residential property belonging to the Fiedler family. The museum was founded in 1974 (i.e. while its Patron was still alive). Arkady Fiedler died in 1985. Currently, it is run by the sons of the traveler and their families. In a word, it is a family business.

At this point it is worth mentioning that the eldest of Fiedler’s sons (also Arkady) is a traveler and writer just like his father.


What can you see at the museum

The biggest gradkom is at least for me the huge ship of Christopher Columbus – Santa Maria. I even managed to board it. However, I did not decide to visit the captain’s cabin or go below deck.

statek Krzysztofa Kolumba - Santa Maria
Christopher Columbus’s ship – Santa Maria
statek Krzysztofa Kolumba - Santa Maria
Christopher Columbus’s ship – Santa Maria

The next attractions largely refer to Fiedler’s travels and works. So here you can see many different sculptures such as:

  • a replica of the Buddha statue from Bamian measuring 6.5 meters high
  • Gate of the Sun from Tiahuanaco
  • Olmeck head from Mexico
  • Moai more associated with the head of Easter Island
  • stone Aztec calendar in the form of a disk
kamienny kalendarz Azteków w formie dysku
stone Aztec calendar in the form of a disk
replika posągu Buddy z Bamian
replica of the Buddha statue from Bamian

In the museum, you can also see various souvenirs in the form of, for example, travel photos or a collection of butterflies. Some of the buildings on the Fiedlers’ property have also been turned into small themed rooms. In the basement of one of them there is also a tomb in the style of native Americans.

Moai bardziej kojarzone jako głowa z Wyspy Wielkanocnej
Moai on the right

The museum also has a small cafe combined with a gift shop. Its charm is increased by the fact that it is located in a pyramid. From the outside, the pyramid does not impress, but inside, it is much better. From the inside, it has interesting drawings, at least somewhat reminiscent of Egypt.

Theoretically, there is also a restaurant here, but I do not know if it is open.


As for my personal opinion, it is a great place for parents with children. However, the museum will not necessarily appeal to people looking for something unique. If you have visited many places in your life, you can feel a slight disappointment. At least that’s how it was with me. When I heard about this place, I imagined it more like a park, with lots of trees, where you can walk slowly admiring garden sculptures. In practice, it turned out to be quite different.

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