Bled Castle (Slovenian Blejski Grad) is a castle located adjacent to Lake Bled in Slovenia. Its walls offer a truly beautiful view of both the lake and its surroundings.

This building is probably the oldest castle located in present-day Slovenia. We read about it for the first time in documents around 1011. Personally, the castle made quite a pleasant impression on me. Especially when I saw that there was probably some kind of festival taking place at its foot. A knight’s fest, to be honest – almost as if they were shooting a movie there.

Some information about Bled Castle

The castle is located on a hill 130 meters high above the lake, which makes it a great viewing point. Many of the photos on postcards and magnets are probably taken from its terraces (balconies). This height, however, means that you have to make some effort (walk up the hill) to get to it. I think it’s worth it though.

There is a museum in the castle itself (it is quite common for castles to be turned into museums or hotels). You will find various paintings and period costumes there. On the day I arrived, you could see people in medieval costumes. The castle’s website shows that sometimes they organize various entertainments (performances, stagings) and festivals – maybe this was one of them.

Either way, it looked like they were planning to organize a knights’ tournament there, where they ride on horses and hit each other with lances.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices to Bled Castle vary:

  • EUR 15.00 Adults
  • EUR 9.50 Students
  • EUR 6.00 Children
  • Groups with 10 or more guests:
  • Adults EUR 12.00
  • Students €8.50
  • Children from 4 to 14 years EUR 5.00.
  • Children 4 – 14 years old accompanied by 2 adults are free of charge

Be sure to check the current prices before your visit.

island on lake Bled view from the castle
island on lake Bled view from the castle


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