In 2021, the Christmas Market in Poznań (Poznańskie Betlejem) didn’t take place in the Old Market Square. In this respect, Poznań is said to be one of the few.

However, the reason for this state of affairs was not the epidemiological situation, but the renovation of the slab. It was in 2021 that it was decided to do something about the uneven (not the worn-out) surface. All those who have been to the Poznań market in recent years will unanimously agree that it was needed. Another question is what will happen next. After all, hardly anyone wants to give up the so-called cobblestones. It is only worth leveling the surface a bit and filling in the gaps. So as to preserve the atmosphere of the Old Market Square.

A fair in 3 and not 2 places

Due to the replacement of the surface, the fair was held only at Plac Wolności … and in 2 other places. That is, on the recently completed renovation of the Łazarski Square and near the Arena. Certainly, visiting these 3 places was much more troublesome than the passage between Plac Wolności and the Old Market Square (they are only a 3/4-minute walk away).

The fair at Plac Wolności (Jarmark na Placu Wolności)

It is here that this year the Christmas Crib and the City Christmas tree have been erected. It was also the place from which the whole festival began. The fair did not differ much here from the previous years. However, there was no Devil’s Mill, despite the fact that there were attractions such as a decorative railway or a merry-go-round for children.

Jarmark na Placu Wolności
plac wolnosci
Szopka na Placu Wolności – 2021

The fair at the Łazarski Market Square (Rynek Łazarski)

The market here was opened only at the beginning of December. In practice, at the same time as the entire market after more than a year of non-presence on the Poznań map. There were the fewest fairground booths here – however, there was a historic Venetian carousel (it usually stood in the Old Market Square). After posting her photos on Instagram, several people wrote “that they used to ride on it as children”.

The fair at the Łazarski Market Square
The fair at the Łazarski Market Square
The fair at the Łazarski Market Square

Fair near the Arena – Ice Sculpture Festival

Currently, the Arena hall in Poznań is awaiting renovation, but next to it, on a quite large square, there was enough space for an ice sculpture competition – Poznań Ice Festival. The whole weekend (10-12/12/2021) the weather was favorable for the competition, but the thaw came on Monday.

Poznań ice Festival

The fair itself around the slaughter was, according to my friends, moderately successful. From myself I will add that they had nothing interesting. Perhaps they just missed our needs.

On the other hand, there was a market right next to the City Park Hotel & Residence. It’s practically across the street.

Poznań City Park - Shopping Mall
Poznań City Park – Shopping Mall

Święta Boże Narodzenie – 2021

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