Church of St. Anna (Pol. Kościół św. Anny) is a former Evangelical church built in the Neo-Gothic style on a Greek cross plan (three-nave). In my personal opinion, it makes a phenomenal impression.

Location of Kościół św. Anny

The temple is located in Św. Łazarz. Specifically, at the intersection of Matejki and Limanowskiego streets (ul. Limanowskiego 13).

Kościół św. Anny
Kościół św. Anny

A bit of history of the church of St. Anna

The temple was built in the years 1905-1907 for the needs of the Łazarian evangelical community of Christ (German Christuskirche). The designer of the building was Oskar Hossfeld. From April 1, 1945, the church passed into the hands of the Roman Catholic Church.

The church is characterized by a very rich external form. Particularly noteworthy is the clock tower (48m high) and three decorated entrance portals with rosettes. The temple from the outside is also covered with red brick.

Inside, there are crystal vaults and cross-rib vaults on pillars. There are also decorative stained-glass windows here. In the years 1953-1957, the interior of the church was rebuilt – then, for example, side galleries were removed from its interior. The furnishings of the church include various polychromes and sculptures. Some of the elements were modeled on works of art from other churches, e.g. the baptismal font is a copy of the Gothic bamberg font from Bamberg.


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