Just a few kilometers from Poznań, in the town of Kiekrz, there is a historic Dutch Windmill. Some sources say that the windmill is located in the village of Rogierówko.

However, the address in Google Maps points to Kiekrz. Perhaps this is the result of administrative changes.

A bit of windmill history

The windmill was built at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1905. The builder of the windmill was Hugo Gribsch. After that, it changed its owners several times. In 1984, the former owners sold it to the Museum of the First Piasts. The museum is located on Legnica.

Windmill newspaper clippings about it
Windmill newspaper clippings

The Dutchman’s windmill can therefore be visited as a museum on selected days of the month. And it’s certainly worth it. This type of windmill differs from typically Polish ones, e.g. The windmill is quite large. In addition, only the top of the fan moves, not the entire fan. So he can have a basement.

This particular Dutchman is also quite unique. As one of the few that have been left, it has two types of power supply. One is, of course, the wind because it is a windmill after all! The second is the steam engine. Fortunately, most of the equipment has survived to this day, which is also a rarity.

How to get to the windmill?

There is no access directly to the Windmill and you have to walk a bit. You can get here by bus, e.g. from Poznań (Ogrody), Rokietnica or Kobylniki. I came from Ogrody by bus 833, but I would have been closer to 836 (kiekrz stop, Wiatraczna street).

Visiting dates


ul. Muzealna 5, 62-090 Kiekrz gmina Rokietnica.

As for the Museum of the First Piasts – it is currently trying to find a way to get there without a car and a bicycle. Perhaps I will find a trip, or one of my friends will take me there. I am unfortunately limited to public transport (e.g. trains, trams, buses)

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