Golem is one of the most interesting Poznań monuments.

The monument is located on Aleje Marcinkowskiego (Street) and its author is David Černý, quite a controversial Czech artist. The unveiling itself took place in 2010.

Golem na Alejach Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu
Golem on Aleje Marcinkowskiego in Poznań

Appearance of the Monument

The sculpture is quite unusual in its structure. It looks a bit like several people standing next to each other connected with metal bands, or as if someone expressively walked, was in motion and was left with an “echoing”. As a result, it gives a quite interesting visual effect.

In 2019, the monument fell over. It was probably the result of a strong wind. After renovation, however, it returned to its place.

sztuka nowoczesna, abstrakcja

What connects a clay man with Poznań

Certainly, some people are wondering why a Golem Monument will be erected in Poznań? The answer may surprise some people. Because it all starts with the Prague legend of the Golem (a clay man) who was supposed to defend the Jews of Prague from persecution. According to legend, its creator was Rabbi Jehuda Löw ben Becalel (also known as MaHaRaL). And it is this figure that connects Poznań with the Golem from the Czech Republic. According to Becalej, he was to be born in Poznań.


As a curiosity, I would like to add that before the David Černý monument was built, there were already plans for another Golem monument. However, they did not materialize.



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