There are two zoos in Poznań – the Old (pol. Stare Zoo) and New Zoo (pol. Nowe Zoo). The Old Zoo is located practically in the very center of the city at Zwierzyniecka Street 19 (Jeżyce). While the New Zoo is located at 81 Krańcowa Street (near Lake Malta).

In practice, this means that they are located on two sides of the city. Gardens also differ from each other in almost everything. While the New Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Poland, the Old Zoo is more like a medium-sized city park.

The history of the creation of the ZOO in Poznań

The first zoo in Poznań was the Stare Zoo. It was created as a result of quite unusual birthday gifts. It all started in the 1870s in the café of the Stargard-Poznań Railway station. This place was frequented by members of the bowling club. It was the members of this club who came up with the idea to give the club’s president an unusual birthday gift. They agreed that they would be different animals.

ZOO Poznań część budynków przy wybiegach to pozostałości dawnego dworca
część budynków przy wybiegach to pozostałości dawnego dworca

As a result, the club’s president received animals for his 50th birthday such as a duck, a goose, a goat, a miniature pig, a cat, a squirrel, a dancing bear, a monkey and a rabbit (these are just examples). The problem then arose where to keep all these animals – there were a lot of them. Eventually, menageries were created next to the station. It was very successful and attracted various curious people. The “Little Garden” quickly began to grow thanks to donations of more animals.

So they started charging fees for sightseeing. This money was used to pay for animal feed, for example. Most importantly, the place turned out to be profitable, which encouraged further development.

How much does a ticket/entrance to the Stare Zoo cost?

Entrance to the Old Zoo is free!!

Therefore, it is a unique opportunity for many people, not only visitors to Poznań, but also residents, to be closer to nature.

It is worth noting that officially since its establishment, the Old Zoo has continuously performed one and the same function. However, currently it is closer to a park than a zoo. (one of the oldest zoos in Poland)

Plac zabaw dla dzieci na terenie Zoo
Plac zabaw dla dzieci na terenie Zoo

What can you see at the Stare Zoo in Poznań?

There are not as many animals in the Stare Zoo as there used to be (although that’s good because there are no conditions for them there). However, this does not mean that the place is completely empty.

The Lion Monument in the Poznań Old Zoo is actually -> The Monument to Robert Jaeckel (Jäckeldenkmal), the first director of the Zoo.

What animals are in the Stare Zoo?

These are mainly small animals such as goats, donkeys and meerkats. You can also see various species of birds in the Old Zoo. When the weather is warm, these animals stay outside.

When visiting the Zoo, you must remember that the animals living here do not eat processed food (e.g. bread, crisps, etc.). Instead, they eat e.g. carrots and hay.

Historic buildings in the ZOO

There are many historic buildings in the Old Zoo. They perform various functions. For example, these are old animal cages (today considered bestial) or various aviaries.

The cave (Grota) from the pond side
The cave (Grota) from the pond side
The old lion house - cages for lions
The old lion house – cages for lions
A magnificent aviary for wading birds
A magnificent aviary for wading birds

Which ZOO in Poznań is better?

It is difficult to really compare both objects. The Old Zoo is now more of a park, a small zoo, perhaps even a bit of an open-air museum, which you can walk through in less than an hour. Access is also very easy and comfortable.

The new Glei Zoo is quite large. We need almost a whole day to visit them. Its area is not 100% built-up, which means that it can still develop in the future without fear of lack of space.

How much time does it take to visit the Old Zoo in Poznań?

One hour is enough to walk through the entire Old Zoo (including viewing the halls with animals, e.g. the aquarium). However, most people don’t visit it in its entirety, so it only takes 15 minutes to get through it. However, remember that this is a park – so you can stay here from opening to closing.

You won’t be able to get through the New Zoo so quickly – it’s best to prepare for it all day long. It is also worth buying tickets online to avoid waiting in sometimes really long lines.

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