The “Poznań” Army Monument (pol. Pomnik Armii Poznań), as the name suggests, was built in honor of the heroes of the “Poznań” Army – the army that defended Poznań during World War II.

Its unveiling took place on September 1, 1982. That is, exactly on the 43rd anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. A bit late for my taste, but it’s important that it was created at all.

Location of the Poznań Army monument

The monument was located on Saint Wojciech’s Hill, between Książe Józefa, Kutrzeby and Aleja Niepodległości streets. Practically across the street there is the Cemetery for Distinguished People of Greater Poland. Not far away there is also the largest park in Poznań, Park Cytadela (Former Fort Winiary).

Pomnik Armii Poznań - upamiętniający bohaterów II wojny światowej
Location of the Poznań Army monument

It was in Fort Winiary, commonly called the Poznań Citadel, that the Germans defended themselves during the fight for the liberation of Poznań.

If you decide to see this facility, it is worth knowing that you can walk through it as part of a walk around the square. It was built as if it were a small museum.

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