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Murals worth seeing in Poznań + location map

Poznań is the city where street art is very popular and you can find it everywhere. Often in places you never suspect.

Map of Poznań murals

Thanks to this map you will be able to locate murals in Poznań. Or at least the murals I was able to photograph. Therefore, I will try to update this map.

Fashion for street art – street art in Poznań

As a result of this fashion, many interesting murals and graffiti were created around the city. Many of them deal with various topics important to people living in and around Poznań.

Most of them, of course, are concentrated around the center of Poznań, but this is not the only place where you can find them. In practice, almost the entire city is covered with them. Many really beautiful graphics are hidden in various city yards, parking lots away from the eyes of random passers-by.

Selected interesting murals in Poznań

Billy goats in Poznań

Billy goats – a symbol of Poznań. The mural is placed on the side wall of the hotel at ul. Piekary from the parking lot at św. Marcin street.

The mural on ul. locksmith showing an elderly woman. It was prepared as part of the series of events “Senioralny Poznań”.

Mural – Wyższej Szkoły Bankowej

Little Prince – Ogrodowa Street, authors: President of the Board of the Association for Disabled People „Otwarte Drzwi” Sławomir Wrembel wraz z uczniami Niepublicznej Szkoły Podstawowej „Otwarte Drzwi”.

A mural on the subject of racism on Estkowskiego Street (in the parking lot near Biedronka)

MURAL THE THIN WIRE – A woman sewing the Polish flag. Nowowiejski Street by the Italian artist Maupal – Mauro Pallott.

Most of the photos below were taken with a mobile phone. This very useful device is almost always with you, so it can be great when you are hunting street art and architecture.

Photo gallery – Murali

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