In 2020 was certainly not the easiest year. However, it was this year that a new attraction was opened in Poznań – the path in the treetops.

Objects of this type are well known to many people, mainly in mountainous areas. You can see them in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and even in the Polish mountains for several years. Thanks to this investment, now Wielkopolska can be added to this group. I am aware that Poznań is not associated with large elevations – nevertheless, it is not so flat again.

What is worth knowing about the path and footbridge in the treetops

The Poznań path is 250 meters long and 13 meters high. So it’s not that long, but definitely worth a visit. The main building material of the footbridge was wood. The facility has been adapted for the disabled and for prams. We do not climb the platform as if it were a vertical wall, the approach is rather gentle.

The Poznań tree-top path, although it is not long, has been prepared in such a way that you can spend a longer time on it. For this purpose, benches were installed on it and a roofed place was created, which is practically perfect, e.g. for a picnic.
Unfortunately, during a pandemic, you must not use all of its elements. This includes the world. Even so, walking in this place can be very enjoyable.

The biggest problem for me was finding the entrance to the path itself. Probably because it’s not my neighborhood. And let’s face it, I was on it in July 2020 (i.e. a few months after opening) now there are probably better markings.

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Path location

The Poznań path is located near the New Zoo and runs over the Szklarki Valley. A stream flowing north of the zoo. It can be reached from the Parking lot at the Zoo or from Czekalskie Street.

The footbridge is in the forest, so it is worth remembering about appropriate footwear. After visiting it, you can go on a trip around the Szklarka Valley itself. The area is partly swampy, but if it is not raining, it is ideal for a walk.


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