On December 9-11, 2022, the next edition of the Poznań Ice Festival took place in Poznań at the Poznań International Fair. This year, 24 sculptors from all over the world participated in the competition.

The contestants came from from the Czech Republic, Canada, Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, Spain, USA, Ukraine, Germany and Poland. Over the years, they have participated in several different competitions.

The festival took place during the Christmas Fair called in Poznań – Poznań’s Bethlehem (Betlejem Poznańskie).

Ice Sculpture Festival

To begin with, on Friday there was a small sculpture competition, during which sculptors made small figures out of a block of ice. The main topic of the day was cinema.

Sculpting on time took place on Saturday! So Speed Ice Carving.

On the last day of the event, i.e. on Sunday, the main competition took place. It was the most spectacular day of the whole event. The participants also performed in bands that day. The fruits of their work were impressive sculptures, sometimes more than two meters high.

festiwal rzeźby lodowej

On this day, the participants also did not have a specific topic. It was them who decided what almost tons of ice (per team) would do.

The struggle of the participants was of course watched by crowds of Poznań residents and visitors, who this year decided to participate in this event.

Winners and the best sculptures

The main competition was won by a team from the Czech Republic – Václav Lemon and Roman Mikuš and their chameleon sculpture.

Zwycięzca Poznan Ice Festival
Zwycięzca Poznań Ice Festival

The second place went to Michał Mizuł and Damian Wiśniewski for the sculpture of a dancer.

tancerka Poznań Ice Festival

The third in a row Ross Baisas (Philippines), Angelito Baban (USA) their work was transformers,


My feelings about the festival

This year, unfortunately, I was unable to take part in the Poznań Ice Festival as a spectator. I had other plans for those days. However, I managed to reach this location on Monday afternoon. By then, some of the sculptures had melted.

However, I am still impressed with this year’s winners.

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