At the intersection of Ogrodowa and Krysiewicza streets, there is a tenement house called Żelazko. The tenement owes its name to its shape – it is triangular like Iron (pol. Żelasko) .

This tenement house is a reconstruction of the former tenement house located in this place. The original over 100-year-old tenement house was demolished a few years ago.

I honestly admit that I can only remember how the original tenement house looked like. The only thing I remember is that it was beautiful but in terrible condition. Location was quite a big problem for her. Both streets, on the corner of which the tenement house is located, go down each of them under a different angle. Optically, it gives pedestrians a good view of the Church of St. St. Franciszek Seraficki. It is worth mentioning here that the church is about 553.31 m away.

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