Sołacz is one of the most beautiful parts of Poznań. This district is not far from the city center.

Characteristics of the area

However, this does’t prevent the buildings from being distinguished in a significant way. This is due to the type of infrastructure found here. These include mainly single-family houses and small tenement houses. If it weren’t for the skyscrapers in the distance, you might think you are somewhere outside the city.

The focal point of the district are two parks – Park Sołacki and Park Adama Wodziczki. The former is characterized by a large number of ponds and bridges. Park Wodziczki is the road along the Bogdanka river. It was from its damming that both the Sołacki Park and Lake Rusałka were created.

Part of the Sołacki Mural

Sołacki Park

The area of the park is 14.63 ha. Its shape somewhat resembles an ellipse, elongated and flattened at both ends. The width of the park is approximately 250 meter (9842.52 inches) and the length is approximately 1.1 kilometers (43307.086614 inches). It is located between the streets: Małopolska (from the north), Litewska (from the south), Nad Wierzbakiem (from the east) and Niestachowska (from the west).

History of the park began in 1908 and lasted until 1911. In 1912, a restaurant was opened in the park, which is one of the most characteristic places in the park. At the moment (2021/2022) the restaurant is under renovation. However, don’t panic in the park, you will encounter coffee vendors with portable appliances (gastronomic bikes). If that’s not enough, then on ul. On Małopolska there are several restaurants that deserve special attention: The French Connection. Then, right behind the park, on Aleja Wielkopolska Petit Paris.

After World War II, Park wore them for some time. Stalin (until 1956).

The park and its surroundings are very popular as a place for wedding photos and other types of photo sessions. Virtually any time of the year.

Park Sołacki

Stawy w Parku Sołackim

The ponds in the Sołacki Park were created by damming the Bogdanka watercourse at the initiative of the city. At this point, it is worth mentioning that the area was originally a swamp – so the ponds were also designed to draw water and help drain the area. The designer of the entire park was Hermanna Kube. There are currently two small ponds (created after 1995) and two larger ones in the Park.

One of the ponds in Park Sołacki
One of the ponds

Currently, the ponds cover an area of 3.6 ha, the shoreline itself is 1050 m (41338.603 inches). The ponds are not too deep, sometimes up to 1.5 m (the largest pond is 1 m to 2 m). The shape of the ponds stretches along the east-west line (practically the same as the line of railway tracks, which you cannot see, but are quite close).

Even in the 70s of the twentieth century, it was possible to ride a rented boat on the larger of the ponds. A few years ago, there were attempts to reintroduce boats into the park as a tourist attraction, but the idea did not work out. Some of the people I talked to gave the possible reason – the cost of renting (people considered them high in relation to the quality of the boat). Apparently, it was cheaper to rent a boat on the Rusalka.

How to get to the Sołacki Park?

There is a bus stop of lines 160 and 164 (Nad Wierzbakiem stop) and trams of lines 9 and 11 (Nad Wierzbakiem).

Photo gallery from the Sołacki Park

Map of Sołacz

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