The Cytadela Park is the largest park in Poznań with an area of approximately 100 ha.

It was built in the years 1963–1970 in the area of the former Fort Winiary. Being the central fort in the structure of the polygonal fortifications built around the former Poznań Fortress (German: Festung Posen), commonly known as the Citadel. It was also one of the largest military forts in Europe.

Some information about the Winiary fort

Fort Winiary was built in 1828-39 in the area of displaced villages of Bonin and Winiary (this area is called the Winiarskie Hill). It was built according to the design of Johann Leopold Ludwig Brese according to the so-called the classical system of New Prussia.

The history of this fort can be said to have cast a long shadow on the history of the city of Poznań. It was here that the Nazi German troops gathered at the end of World War II. After that, fearing the approaching Red Army, they tried to burn the city down (as if most of the surviving inhabitants were expelled or, if you prefer, moved to other places). They then decided that the destruction of the city would facilitate the inevitable battle for them. On February 23, 1945, however, the Citadel fell.

During the fights for the city, the fortress suffered, and it was later decided to turn it into a city park.

One of the cemeteries in Cytadela Park
One of the cemeteries in Cytadela Park

What’s in the Cytadela Park

The park is divided into thematic parts. There are, among others, several military museums (where you can even touch a real tank) and cemeteries

  • St. Wojciech Cemetery,
  • Garrison Cemetery,
  • the war Cemetery of Soviet Heroes,
  • Commonwealth War Cemetery,
  • Cemetery of the Polish Heroes
  • and relics of the former cemetery, the so-called the old-gourmand German Honorary Cemetery (Ehrenfriedhof) and the Orthodox headquarters of the so-called Orthodox cemetery.
Tanks at the Armaments Museum (Poznań Citadel)
Tanks at the Armaments Museum (Poznań Citadela Park)

Museums in the park

There are museums in the park,

  • Armaments Museum,
  • Museum of the Poznań Army.

they can be visited almost all year round. In summer, Poznań Fortress Days are also held here. They fall on the weekend at the end of August.

Other attractions in the Park

Among the attractions for those who want to relax a bit, it is worth mentioning the Rozarium.

Rozarium part of Cytadela Park - Poznań
Rozarium part of Cytadela Park – Poznań

There used to be an open amphitheater in the park that is now to be turned into a flower garden. Opinions on this, however, are divided. Many people think that not only the stairs should be repaired there. The rest is to be kept as is.

There are also many sculptures in the park. Some of them, like the Unrecognized, create really interesting installations.

Rosarium in Cytadela Park in Poznań
Rosarium in Cytadela Park in Poznań
Rosarium in Cytadela Park in Poznań
Rosarium in Cytadela Park in Poznań


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