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The nooks and crannies of Święty Marcin 69 street in Poznań

Some time ago, walking one of the central streets of Poznań, street Święty Marcin (Saint Martin), I decided to visit the address 69. Below you can see photos taken in the yard of this beautiful tenement house.

Photo Gallery

What is worth knowing

Święty Marcin street is one of the central streets of Poznań. It stretches along from Plac Wiosny Ludów all the way to Rondo Kaponiera. Probably a few people are now wondering why I do not change the name of the street. The reason is very simple – it doesn’t apply! The name Saint Martin comes from the name of a medieval settlement and not directly from person Saint Martin.

The photos above show the courtyard of the tenement house at ul. Saint Martin 69 Poznań

The location

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