At the end of the second day of sightseeing, my tour group went to the village of Ettal. A small alpine town famous mainly for its beautiful baroque monastery.

It is he who is the main reason why tourists come to Ettal. Although, in my opinion, the whole town and the surrounding mountains are quite impressive. After all, no matter how you look at it, it’s the Bavarian Alps.

It is also worth knowing that the Linderhof Palace is located in the municipality of Ettal.

Mountains and landscape of Ettal
Mountains and landscape of Ettal

Ettal Monastery

The abbey in this place was founded in 1330 and its residents were Benedictines. The same order with the rest still takes care of the abbey to this day. So nothing has changed in that respect.

Ettal Church

The church was built on a twelve-sided plan, which was to ideologically refer to the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. The complex of buildings was originally built in the Gothic style and only later rebuilt in the Baroque style. To this day, only the Gothic portal with the foundation tympanum (relief over the entrance to the temple) has survived.

The Monastery
The Monastery

In 1920, the monastery church received the status of a minor basilica.

Ettal in pictures

Ettal is an unusual place. We regretted that we spent only a few hours there (read 2h). This place deserves more attention. The big plus was that it stopped raining for a while. It was only drizzling. If I had the opportunity, I would love to go back there.


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