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Tour of Munich (München) – Germany

In May 2019, as part of my vacation, I went on a road trip around Bavaria.

The first city we visited was Munich (German München) – the central city of the Bavarian region. It is true that my stay was short and there was not much free time, but we managed to see many interesting places.

What to see in Munich (München)

Munich is a big city with many places worth seeing. One day is certainly not enough to see the most important places. Unfortunately, my stay was quite short, so in this post I will try to limit myself to places that I was able to see for a while. If you have more time to explore this beautiful city, it is worth spending more time on these places.

Old Pinakothek – art museum (Alte Pinakothek)

The museum is housed in a Neo-Renaissance building and is surrounded by a beautiful park. Inside, you can see many beautiful works of art – such as paintings by famous artists.

Although the building looks old from the outside, it is quite modern inside. You can see that the high standard of visiting and storing the exhibits has been ensured.

Pinacotheque - art museum
Pinacotheque – art museum

Olympic Park

I have prepared a separate entry about the Olympic Park because it is a very interesting place. Park is located on the site of the former Olympic stadium where the Olympics took place in 1972 – during which the massacre took place. It’s about the kidnapping and murder of Israeli athletes by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September. It took place in the Olympic Village (the whole thing was shown on television, so the terrorists knew where the anti-terrorists were).

Olympic Village in Munich
Olympic Village in Munich

Currently, the biggest attraction of the park is the lookout tower.

BMW Museum in Munich

Right next to the park is the BMW Museum. We have seen them before from the lookout tower in the park. Virtually everyone visited the museum in their own way. Of course, you can buy a tour with a guide in German or English, but we were there for too short a time.

The museum can be moved alone or with a guide. If we have such an opportunity and you want it to be worth trying both options. This attraction is here to make it possible to sit on the engine or under that brand.

Occasionally, exclusive cars can also be picked up here.


Another interesting place worth visiting is the park, HOFGARTEN garden. As you can see in the pictures below, it is quite a nice place to explore. Next to the park, there is the Deutsches Theatermuseum – a museum dedicated to the theater.


After walking through the park, it is worth going to the nearby Odeonsplatz. One of the most important squares in the city, it houses many buildings. The name of the square comes from the name of the former music school. It houses the state administration.

The most interesting for me was the Feldherrnhalle (stylized on the Florentine Loggia dei Lanzi). The square is located on Theatinerstrasse and Residenzstrasse.

Munich’s New Town Hall

There are two town halls in Munich, the Old Town Hall and the New Town Hall. The New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) is located in the city center on St. Mary’s Square (Marienplatz). The construction of this neo-Gothic building started at the end of the 19th century. The photo below may not really reflect its size – however, in order to build it, it is said that 24 town houses were demolished.

the neo-gothic new town hall of Munich
New City Hall in Munich

Munich’s Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) has not been the seat of the city council since 1874. It is now a toy museum.

The tower of the old town hall in Munich
The tower of the old town hall in Munich

More interesting photos from Munich

About my trip

I spent 1 day in Munich itself. However, I divided the gallery into two parts. I took a lot of photos that day so I decided to share it. In the first part, I placed photos from the observation tower in the Olympic Park.

This part shows more about Munich itself. And what I saw in it, at the beginning I would like to mention that it was the most expensive city in the whole trip. It is charming what to see, but a bit expensive for me. Nevertheless, in the spring of 2019, the city was beautiful.

I tried to arrange the photos in order as we walked. People who know the city will probably notice that we were walking in a circle.

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