In May 2019, taking advantage of the vacation, together with one of the travel agencies, I decided to go on tour of Bavaria, Germany.

I went on the trip alone, without my friends (I met them on the way), because I went on a road trip. People get to know each other quickly at such events. In practice, this year it was my longest trip and it lasted only 7 days. The first city I visited was Munich.

Olympic Tower in Munich
Olympic Tower in Munich

Olympic Park in Munich

One of the attractions that can be found in Munich is the Olympic Park. It is a very interesting place, ideal for long walks and relaxation. The park has a lot of green areas, a water reservoir and a pond. A lookout tower towers over the park itself. We did not have enough time for the park itself, but nevertheless, if I come back there one day, I will gladly take a walk around it.

Olympic Park
Olympic Park

In fact, the Park was not the first place we saw in Munich. The first place was the Old Pinakothek, which is an art museum.

What is worth knowing?

The Olympic Park (German: Olympiapark München) is the name of the complex that was built in the place where the Olympic Games in 1972 were held. These games made history with a bad name after a tragedy occurred in the Olympic Village.

The Olympic tower has 2 viewing terraces. There is also a restaurant there. Fortunately, you don’t have to climb the stairs to get to the tower. There is an elevator available. It is so fast that it takes about a minute to get to the top. The very feeling when the elevator moves and stops will surely remain in my memory for a long time. Like clogged ears (the effect of a pressure change over a short period of time). So I do not recommend this attraction to a person with severe hypertension.

Olympic Village in Munich
Olympic Village

From the lookout tower you can see the entire city, and on clear days even the Alps. Their peaks are visible on the horizon. My group was very interested in it because on the next day we were going in that direction.

Location of the park

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