On the third day we went to Regensburg (German: Regensburg). The first point of the tour was to be Walhalla (memorial).

Some information about Walhalli

The name of the building comes from the Old Norse word Walhalla or – Hall of Heroes – a nice name for a mausoleum. And that’s what this building is, in a way. There are busts of famous and distinguished Germans in it. Walhalla is not located in Regensburg itself, but in the nearby Donaustauf.

The Walhalla building seen from the park
The Walhalla building seen from the park

The building itself has the same dimensions as the Greek Pantheon. This is because the architect was largely inspired by it. So you can safely say that this is a German version of ancient architecture. Apparently, however, several factors were not taken into account, so the building looks more massive than the original. I’ve never been to Greece so I don’t know how true that is. Maybe someday I’ll find out (although there’s not much left of the original).

Walhalla from a distance
Walhalla from a distance

During the trip, Walhalla was shown to us from a distance for the first time – so that we could admire its rather unusual shape (in relation to German architecture) and location. The set of stairs leading up to it and the building like from Greek myths surrounded by a series of columns immediately caught the eye. Walhalla is located on a “high” slope, so the stairs leading to it consist of several platforms. Each one is made in a slightly different style.

Widok na Dunaj z Walhalli

We were then allowed to take a few photos. Then we drove to the building on the other side (there was a parking lot). From where you can get to the back of the building by going through the park. To get inside, you have to walk along the columns.

Busts of famous Germans inside Walhalla
Busts of famous Germans inside Walhalla
Walhalla - Regensburg Germany
Walhalla – Regensburg Germany

From the building there is a very good view of the surrounding area and the Danube flowing in the distance. This place made a big impression on me and others.

Sala bochaterów
Me on the stairs of Walhalla with other participants of the trip

Gallery of photos taken in Walhall and presenting it

Valhalla is marked on the map as the Pantheon of Famous Germans. And there is something in it because the building commemorates famous figures of German nationality. They are presented in the form of busts with captions at the bottom so that visitors do not confuse anyone.

Walhalla on map

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