Jeżyce, next to Łazarz and Wilda, are parts of the city of Poznań annexed to it at the beginning of the 20th century (in 1900). The traditional focal point of this part of the city is the Jeżycki Market Square.

One of the most important districts of Poznań – Jeżyce (Jezyce)

Exactly what area Jeżyce occupies depends on what area we include in their area. The size of Jeżyce changed depending on the historical period. However, the boundaries are now recognized to be:

  • Przybyszewskiego and Żeromskiego streets from the west,
  • Bukowska from the south,
  • Roosevelt from the east,
  • and from the north, the railway tracks of ul. Saint Lawrence (and Sołacz behind them).

In the past, the neighboring Ogrody, Sołacz and even Golęcin also belonged to Jeżyce. Administrative changes were introduced recently, so for many people they still constitute one whole as the Poznań Jeżyce District. Other neighboring administrative units are the Old Town/Centrum and Lazarus (St. Lazarus).

Dąbrowskiego 42, Poznań
Restaurant on Street Dąbrowskiego 42, Poznań

The main street of Jeżyce is Dąbrowskiego. It starts from Roosevelt Street and ends far outside the city, turning into Poznańska Street (where it runs all the way to Tarnów Podgórne). The next important streets are Kościelna (in recent years becoming more and more important as part of Nowe Jeżyce) and Kraszewskiego.

Currently, as a result of the liquidation of the remains of former factories, Jeżyce is experiencing a renaissance. It mainly concerns the part between Kościelna, Święta Wawrzyńca, Żeromskiego, Dąbrowskiego streets and the area of the former Modena (between Kraszewskiego, Jackowskiego, Wawrzyniaka streets). New housing and service complexes are being built in these places. Which brings a lot of new residents to these areas. Unfortunately, most of them are not owners but tenants – these apartments are treated as investments.

Origin of the name Jeżyce

While looking for information about Jeżyce, I found information that in ancient times they were known under the names: Yssycz, Issyce, Giżyce, Gyżyce, Iżyce, Jerzyce, or the German Jersitz. It is not known exactly where this name came from. However, it probably comes from the male name Jerzy. Then, over the following centuries, it evolved into today’s Jeżyce. (Interesting fact: the proper name Jeżyce has the article ta, te – i.e. it is in the feminine form).

Jeżyce Poznań ulica Polna
street Polna in Poznań – part belonging to Jeżyce

Before being incorporated into Poznań, Jeżyce was its economic base. They most likely played this role from 1253 (then they were still called Issyce).

Noteworthy places in Jeżyce

Poznańskie Stare Zoo (Old Zoo in Poznan)

Particularly noteworthy here is the Old Zoo, which serves more as a park than a real zoo. (Zwierzyniecka Street). If you are wondering why this place is called the Old Zoo, it is because this place used to be a zoo. Nowadays, there are almost no animals here (except a few small ones). Larger animals live in the New Zoo (Nad Malta).

Jeżyce Poznań Stare Zoo
Jeżyce Poznań Stare Zoo

Theater – Teatr Nowy

The next point is the Teatr Nowy ( name means New Theater) located at 5 Dąbrowskiego Street, near the Teatralny Bridge. The theater is located in an Art Nouveau tenement house built in 1906–1907. The building underwent a thorough renovation in 2001 and regained its former glory. Originally, lighter plays were performed here, but they were not very successful. Which made the theater go bankrupt before World War II. Only in the 1970s was it reactivated – in the form of a drama theater.

Jeżyce Poznań Teatr Nowy
Jeżyce Poznań – Teatr Nowy

Kino Rialto

One of the last studio cinemas in Poznań (with only one screen). It is located on Dąbrowskiego Street, almost perfectly between the Jeżycki Market Square and the Teatralny Bridge. There is a McDonald’s next to the cinema, which viewers like to go to.

Concordia Design i Bałtyk Tower

Concordia Design is a center of creativity and business, as they advertise themselves (ul. Zwierzyniecka 3). Various events and lectures take place in this building. It is certainly one of the most interesting places on the map of the entire city. Additionally, this institution is located in a historic building that used to be an old printing house.

Bałtyk Tower is a completely different story. A modern building, a skyscraper with a shape somewhat reminiscent of a sail (at least in principle). As you might guess, it is an office building, but in addition to offices, there is also a gym, a bank, a shop and several restaurants. As for its name, it received it after the old cinema that used to be located in this place.

Besides, the nearby tram and bus stop is also called “Bałtyk”.

Concordia Design i Bałtyk Tower
Concordia Design and Bałtyk Tower

The art haven is located between these buildings.

Murals on Jeżyce

You can also find many interesting murals in Jeżyce. One of them is a graphic referring to the symbols and history of this part of Poznań. You can see mine on it. street patrons (e.g. Adam Mickiewicz), elements from other murals, buildings such as Bałtyk Tower and animals (Old Zoo).

Mural on the street Jeżycka 36 in Poznań
Mural on the street Jeżycka 36 in Poznań
Mural on Kraszewskiego / Sienkiewicza Street
Mural on Kraszewskiego / Sienkiewicza Street

Other interesting buildings and architecture


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