Rataje Park is the second largest park (after the Citadel Park) in Poznań. It is located, as the name suggests, in Rataje, on the border of the Rataje and Żegrze estates. The park was put into use in 2018.



Location The park is situated between the following housing estates:

  • Jagiellońskim,
  • Rzeczypospolitej,
  • Bohaterów II Wojny Światowej,
  • Polan
  • i Powstań Narodowych.

The park area has been divided into thematic parts. One of them commemorates the Central Railway, which used to run through this area. In memory of this fact, an open-air museum was created. We can see an old train there with a wagon. You should not be surprised if I write that there is also a train station there.
source: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Park_Rataje

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