Patio Prowansja is one of the Poznań restaurants located within the hotel. Specifically, at the Kolegiacki hotel at Plac Kolegiacki 5 in Poznań. However, it stands out from other places of this type by having a terrace on the roof.

rooftop cafe at Kolegiacki Square
rooftop cafe at Kolegiacki Square

The terrace is available from spring to autumn (weather permitting). It is located on the hotel’s roof. As a result, guests have a great view of the surrounding area. For example, Kolegiacki Square, which was renovated just a few years ago, or the surrounding streets and courtyards of the Old Town in Poznań.

This terrace is available to virtually all restaurant customers (i.e. you do not have to be a hotel guest). And sometimes even for visitors, but only when there are not too many of them.

What can you eat in Patio Prowansja?

At Patio Prowansja you can eat both dessert and a regular dinner. The price is average, so this restaurant is neither cheap nor expensive. However, the portions seem to be quite large. It seems to me that the owners update the menu every year, so it is difficult for me to recommend anything specific or give a price.

In 2023, I ate practically only ice cream, specifically an ice cream dessert. However, I must admit that they were good. In addition, I also got a lot of fruits such as watermelon, currants and blueberries.

Good to know!

I also recommend visiting other places in the area. Especially those with basements. They are often much older than the building above them. They were also built for completely different purposes, e.g. as ground floors and pimps of old houses and monastic buildings.

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