Many people consider Poznań to be a green city (compared to many other metropolises). Although there is never enough green. However, most of it is in Parks, which have recently undergone a renaissance.

Currently, we have a lot of parks in Poznań and, interestingly, new ones are being created all the time. This is due to the continuous expansion of the city. In the last few years, quite a few new housing estates have been built, and with them new parks. Qualitatively, these parks range from mediocre to breathtaking. That is why today I decided to create a subjective list of parks that are the prettiest in Poznań. Although it wasn’t easy to choose the top 10 parks!

Park Sołacki on Poznań Sołacz

Park Sołacki is located practically just a few minutes from the center of Poznań. Its size is 14.63 hectares, and its shape resembles an ellipse (long but not too wide). The Bogdanka River flows through the park, which was dammed up especially for the needs of the park. As a result, 2 artificial ponds were obtained in the Park:

  • a larger eastern pond called the Big Pond with an area of 3.22 ha,
  • smaller pond – Pond Mały with an area of 0.2 ha

You can cross the ponds via “climatic” bridges connecting the two banks.

Jeden z mostów w Parku Sołackim
One of the bridges in Sołacki Park

Despite its location (practically in the middle of the city) it is basically quiet here. You can also easily walk to Lake Rusałka (pol. Jezioro Rusałka).

In my opinion, it is the prettiest park in the city and a place to which he willingly returned.

Cytadela Park, i.e. the former Fort Winiary

Cytadela Park is the largest park in Poznań with an area of 100 ha. Such large dimensions mean that the Park could easily be divided into thematic parts. Whether those roles are still full is another story. A good example here is the Greek-style Amphitheater, which was turned into a flower garden in 2021.

At this point, it is also worth mentioning that the Park is located in the place of the former Winiary Fort. Its remains are still visible on Tener Park.

Park cytadela
Park cytadela – rosarium

In the south-western part of the Park, you can also find old post-war cemeteries (Polish, German, Soviet and English). The latter is only symbolic.

During the Days of the Poznań Fortress (pol. Dni Twierdzy Poznań), many people go here to visit military museums.

Tanks at the Poznań Citadel museum
Tanks at the Poznań Cytadela museum

Jezioro Malta i okolica (Lake Malta and its surroundings)

Another interesting park on my list is Malta. As you can imagine, this is a recreational and walking area. Definitely more popular in summer than in winter. After all, Malta is an artificial lake.

In general, the climate there resembles a bit of tourist resorts – and this allows you to break away from everyday life for a moment.

Park Wilsona i Palmiarnia (Wilson Park and the Palm House)

Park Thomasa Woodrowa Wilsona - Poznań - 10 parków
Park Thomasa Woodrowa Wilsona – Poznań

This is one of the oldest parks in the city. Practically 100 years ago it served as a botanical garden. Today, the city is a French-style city park with a rather interesting history.

In the park we can find an amphitheater, a fountain, a pond and even a rock vantage point.

The pearl here, however, is the Palm House. A historic building where you can see plants from different climatic zones. Each room in this building has its own unique atmosphere. Various thematic events are also organized here, e.g. an exhibition of cacti or colorful butterflies are released in some rooms in the spring.

Park Wilsona - Poznań Palmiarnia
Park Thomasa Woodrowa Wilsona – Poznań

Ogród Botaniczny UAM (Botanical Garden)

This beautiful park is owned by the Adam Mickiewicz University. In practice, this means that it is not available 24 hours a day, but only during certain periods (spring, summer, autumn) and hours (eg from 10 am to 7 pm). Most of the plants here have cards informing what plants we have the pleasure to see. So you can know their names.

But people don’t come here just for that. The garden is peaceful and each part has a different style.

Park on Szachty

This park owes its name to a clay pit, i.e. an open-pit clay mine. There are quite a lot of them in this area. Currently, practically all of them are flooded with water, thus creating a complex of artificial ponds.

park na szachtach

This place is really great to cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lasek Dębiński, also known as Park Dębina

Lasek Dębiński is located in the Warta River bed in Poznańskie Dębiec. It is covered with one of the last true forests of the Warta Valley. The biggest attractions, however, are the beautiful ponds, sometimes stretching for miles. Some of them can be crossed by footbridges and charming bridges.

lasek Dębiński
lasek Dębiński

On the map, this place may seem moderately inviting. However, it is actually a very charming park/forest perfect for running and long walks. And the map does not perfectly reflect its shapes.

Park Rataje

This is another large Park (14.67 ha) in Poznań. We don’t have so much water here anymore, but there is an open-air museum with an old steam train.

In addition to the open-air museum, we have a relaxation, walking and sensory zone (with various plants).

Park Rataje in Poznaniu- 2018
Park Rataje in Poznaniu- 2018
Park Rataje in Poznaniu- 2018
Park Rataje in Poznaniu- 2018

Park Adama Mickiewicza

It is located in the very center of the city and is especially popular among students. In the summer, they like to spend time there on the grass or benches.

The park is small, but there is a beautiful view of the Poznań Opera and the Imperial Castle.

view of the castle in winter
view of the castle in winter

The Warta River and the Wartostrada

For several years now, the Warta River, the largest river flowing through the city, has become an increasingly popular place for spending free time. It is not a typical park, but more like a complex of parks and leisure areas.

The potential here is quite big. And the planned changes and amenities seem to be going in the right direction.

Warta Most
Amphitheater in the Park on the River Warta
Amphitheater in the Park on the River Warta


I chose the above parks for various reasons. Whether you will like these parks is hard for me to say. However, these are certainly not the only parks in Poznań. I’ve lived in Poznań practically all my life, but even I haven’t visited all the parks. In addition, many parks have recently undergone revitalization. Perhaps in some time when I visit them, they will knock me off my feet and I will consider them worth recommending

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