Fryderyk Chopin Park (pol. Park Fryderyka Chopina) is located on the back of the Fara and the Poznań City Hall. From this park you can also quickly walk to many other interesting places such as:

  • Stary Rynek – Old market in Poznań
  • Zielone Ogródki square
  • Kupiec Poznański – shopping center

Originally, the Fryderyk Chopin Park served as Garden at the Jesuit Order. If in this coin you are wondering how it is possible – the answer is very simple. The current city office is located in the building after the Jesuit Order. In addition, it is worth adding here that the building that we now call Fara Poznańska was also built for their needs.

Serce dzwonu ze starej fary w Poznaniu
The heart of the bell from the old parish church in Poznań

The “real” original Poznań Fara (niem. Pfarre, Pfarrei, Pfarrkirche) was located at the present Kolegiacki Square. Archaeological works are currently underway there, thanks to which we will be able to learn a lot about it. Until modern times, the memento of this building is the “Heart of the Bell” (literally the element that hits inside). Often, by strangers, it is horrified to mistake it with an ashtray.

Koziołki Poznańskie – Poznań billy goats

During the renovation of the collegiate square, a monument to the Poznań billy goats was temporarily placed in the park. As you know, the goats, like the Rogal Święto Marciński (original and certified only in November), are the symbols of the Poznań city. Currently, they have returned to Kolegiacki Square – where the archaeological work on the remains of the former parish church has ended.

poznańskie koziołki

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